About Thom

I've been doing real estate in one form or another since 2005. I'm lucky enough to work with the HeflinGroup, which allows us to work collaboratively for the success of each client. Real estate has always been an interest to me, spending hours flipping through page upon page of real estate listings in the local real estate book available in the grocery store. I paid special attention to the architectural detail of each home and often seeking them out in my neighborhood. This interest in architecture lead me to studying architecture and interior design in college. I received my bachelor of science in business degree, with a major in interior design. While working with my clients to list a home, I have several tools to help them get the best price in the quickest time frame. From the moment a buyer drives up to a listing, the first impression is established. A freshly painted front door and a few flowers really make a difference, but let's not forget about any deferred maintenance as small as spider webs stuck in the corners of the front porch. I advise sellers to check daily, maybe it's just me but spiders freak me out. Staging can be an important part of selling a home too. Creating focal points throughout the house can set a mood. Remember, open space allows for buyers to navigate the space so don't be afraid to float furniture to allow for a good traffic pattern. My other tip is to declutter closets and use the one year rule, if you haven't worn it within one year it's time to donate. You will be amazed how much better it makes you feel and your closet look! I am probably the worst buyers agent. I am extra critical in each and every house. Sometimes buyers are blinded by granite countertops and forget the other "must-haves" in the home or the fact the floor plan won't work for them, their family, or pets. Yes, I want to help my clients buy their next home, just not the wrong home!


Associate in Applied Science: School of Business and Management Sciences. Indiana University - Purdue University, Fort Wayne, Indiana Bachelor of Science: School of Organizational Leadership and Supervision. Interior Design Major/Business Concentration. Indiana University - Purdue University, Fort Wayne, Indiana FMP - Facilities Management Professional Designation

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National Association of Realtors® International Facilities Management Association