December 29, 2016


The Regional Partnership of Northeast Indiana started in 2006, and since its formation much has changed. The Partnership’s Vision 2020 initiative has reversed the downward trend of per capita income for the first time in 15 years by recruiting 21st century talent, creating a competitive business climate, supporting entrepreneurial endeavors, improving public infrastructure, and enhancing quality of life in the region.

The vision for the future of Northeast Indiana is a thriving economy and the development of the unique character of the communities of the region.

The quality of life improvements planned by the Regional Partnership include the stewardship of natural resources, enhanced arts and culture, new development that draws business to the area, and the restoration of vibrant downtowns.

The revitalization of downtown Fort Wayne has been key to drawing new and developing businesses to the Northeast Indiana region. 2016 saw the doors open on the Ash Skyline Plaza on Harrison. The residential housing portion and rooftop Skyline Park is slated for completion early 2018. In 2017 plans are underway to redevelop an area of downtown known as The Landing on West Columbia Street between Harrison and Calhoun. The development will provide new downtown housing as well as retail and business accommodations. This project is one step closer to connecting downtown Fort Wayne to the upcoming Riverfront project that will become a center of activity and fuel the unique character of our region.

Additionally, a passenger rail line that connects Columbus, Ohio to Chicago, with a stop in Fort Wayne at the Baker Street Train Station, has been awarded federal and state approval. The projected passenger train project will make Northeast Indiana a point of destination.

The future of our region is bright and full of opportunity. If you know anyone that has considered relocating to our thriving region, I can help with all of your real estate needs!

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