January 7, 2019

It’s the New Year and time to take a fresh look at life, set new goals and plan for the future. Our lives are greatly affected by our choice of homes, which is why it is such an important consideration in life planning. For millennials, you may be looking at buying your own home for the first time, and for seasoned home owners it is never too late for you to dream and consider new ventures.

This is your life - make it your own with a home you love.

In Northeast Indiana there are so many possibilities within reach. Your home is your abode, and it is important to live in a place you love. From downtown living to a home on the lake, Northeast Indiana offers a variety of locations that can fit your style and budget. Here are some area locations to consider:

Scenic Countryside Homes

Have you dreamed of the serenity and romance of living in the country? Northeast Indiana offers a multitude of rural farmland capable of making this dream a reality. You can have your own picturesque land with privacy, gardens, animals, trees, and ponds. You could purchase an existing farmhouse and make it your own or build new. There are many benefits of country living including cleaner air, slower pace, expanse of nature, and lower crime rates. There are some details to work out when living on the land which is why working with an experienced Realtor® is essential.

Suburban Family Households

If you desire community living when raising a family, there are many neighborhoods with great school districts in Northeast Indiana. There are many benefits of suburban living; easy to maintain lots, enough land to create your own outdoor environment, connection with your neighbors, and close to schools and amenities. New home construction is thriving in our area, bringing fresh opportunities to buy or build your dream home.

Hip Urban Lifestyle

For hipsters and those who love urban living, now is a great time to dive into downtown districts. A lot is happening in each city of Northeast Indiana. Forget the hassle of maintaining lawns and live in the action. Downtown living is in increasing demand in the Greater Fort Wayne area. The Fort Wayne Improvement District features 99 blocks of city living, dining, working, entertainment, and shopping. This area is becoming the vibrant, urban core of Northeast Indiana. Investment is happening in our thriving downtown districts as more people consider this market.

Lake Living

Lake living is hard to beat with the glistening water and all the good times with family and friends. Lake front properties offer recreational opportunities such as boating, swimming, nature conservation, and fishing, along with gorgeous sunsets. Northern Indiana is home to over 200 lakes — a lake for everyone to enjoy! A home near water also tends to increase in value quicker than homes not on water.

This new year brings opportunities in real estate. Whatever your lifestyle requires, Mike Thomas Associates Realtors® are ready to discuss your real estate plans and goals. There are many properties available in Angola, Auburn, Lagrange, and the areas in and around Fort Wayne. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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