February 1, 2019

While you may be sitting inside by the fire or curled up watching a movie during these cold winter days, spring is just a couple months away and the time is perfect to prepare your home for putting it on the market. We spend concentrated time indoors during the winter which allows the opportunity to get a home 'move-in' ready. So, how do you start clearing out years of clutter?

House Prep Tips:

  1. GET BOXES OR BAGS OUT TO PLACE CHARITY ITEMS IN. Have these easily accessible to fill.
  2. DESIGNATE A SPOT FOR INCOMING MAIL, NEWSPAPERS AND PAPERWORK. Paper can be overwhelming to sort. Stack all important papers in one drawer or small bin. Tend to this when your counters or table is cleared.
  3. FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION IN ONE SMALL AREA AND CLEAR THE AREA OF CLUTTER. If you stay focused on one kitchen countertop or table and clear it, you will see immediate progress. Avoid being distracted and moving to another room. Stay focused.
  4. MOVE ONTO A BOOKSHELF OR CLOSET SHELF. If you tackled clearing a kitchen counter area or work station, open a closet. Bring your charity boxes to the area where you are clearing.
  5. CHOOSE 10 ITEMS THAT ARE SITTING OUT. Find a place for them. Or recycle/place in charity box. If you have a hard time finding a place to store an item, consider why you are holding on to it. If you haven't used the item or you're 'done' with it, offer it to someone else or place it in the charity box. Someone else will appreciate your items.
  6. SCAN THE ROOM FOR PROGRESS. After 30 minutes, take a look at the area. Do you see progress?
  7. STOP WHEN YOU BEGIN FEELING TIRED OR OVERWHELMED. Take a break. Exit the area where you're working. Have a hot tea or glass of water. Be sure to plan the next area of de-cluttering.
  8. PLACE DESIGNATED FILLED CHARITY BOX TO THE CAR. Critical: move it out of site. Out of mind. No more visual noise.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS. You've got this. Focus on one area at a time.

Winter allows the opportunity to get a home 'move-in' ready.

While you're enjoying a day inside and taking a break from de-cluttering, you can contact us and mention that you would like to find out your current estimated home value. No pressure is given from your professional Realtor® when requesting an estimation.

This new year brings opportunities in real estate. Whatever your lifestyle requires, Mike Thomas Associates Realtors® are ready to discuss your real estate plans and goals. There are many properties available in Angola, Auburn, Lagrange, and the areas in and around Fort Wayne. Call today to schedule an appointment.


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