June 15, 2024


Northeast Indiana values public art and its power to transform ordinary spaces into vibrant, inspirational experiences. 

If you're in Fort Wayne, check out the Public Art Trail with a featured printable map at VisitFortWayne.com. Fort Wayne's public art is a local treasure featuring hundreds of beautiful murals, sculptures, and art pieces. From alley walls painted with vivid scenes that transport the viewer to functional sculptures that serve as bike racks, Fort Wayne is dedicated to public art.

River Otter by Arlin Graff

Beyond Fort Wayne

If you're looking for unique public art beyond the city limits, the Courthouse Square in Auburn showcases captivating historical murals, while Angola's Sculpture Garden offers an immersive art experience.

In Warsaw, public art is woven throughout the city. Central Park is a hub of creativity with installations like playful animal sculptures and vibrant seasonal displays. These whimsical pieces invite children and adults alike to engage with art in their everyday lives. Nearby, Winona Lake is well known for its serene beauty. The Village's Heritage Trail features intricately designed benches and creative mosaic installations celebrating local history and natural beauty. 

Shipshewana by Cassi Graber

Heading northeast to LaGrange and Shipshewana, you'll find public art that celebrates the region's unique heritage. Shipshewana, known for its Amish culture, integrates art into its bustling market atmosphere. Murals depicting pastoral scenes and Amish life adorn the buildings, creating a charming backdrop for vibrant market days. LaGrange also showcases its history through public art, with sculptures and murals that highlight its agricultural roots and community spirit.


77 Steps by Kelty Tappy

Discover Your Local Public Art

Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply enjoy a beautiful stroll, our Northeast Indiana communities offer a rich array of public art that promises to delight and inspire. Explore your hometown treasures and discover the vibrant landscape right where you live.


Breathe by Mathew Plett

The mural under the headline was created by Jerrod Tobias and is located on the side of the Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


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