August 1, 2022


Parents across the country are getting ready for the annual back-to-school rush of clothes shopping and supply gathering. Getting your home ready for "back to school" is often forgotten, but doing so can help you cut the chaos and get off to the best start for the year.


Whether spacious or cozy, the entryway is where we first grab our things to start the day and where we are welcomed home every evening. Having a well-organized drop zone for everyone's things helps a family stay on top of life's daily demands. 

A place to sit down and put shoes on is essential, but adding a combination of seating with cubbies, baskets, or hooks instantly transforms a space's usefulness. Having designated hooks in the entryway for everyone in the household helps to keep everything in place.


Homework can often be the source of much drama, but setting up a homework station can help to create calm in the chaos and set children up for success. The best spot could be somewhere in the kitchen where they can easily ask questions or even at a desk in their own room. The ultimate goal is to give them a space that works for their needs with the tools they require to thrive.


Keeping track of bills, schedules, meal planning, and shopping is no easy task; add to it school schedules, events, and homework, and the job becomes even more challenging. Having a home command center to keep track of it all helps to alleviate the stress and share the responsibility. 

The best command centers include a family calendar, dry erase board, and a clock, but there are other things that you may want to add too. Consider including a hanging organizer for holding mail and bills or even a clipboard where kids can show off some precious artwork or a stellar test grade.


Academic performance depends on a number of complex factors, but a clean room is among them. A 2011 study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that cleanliness and good grades are related. The study explained that each object competes for attention when there is clutter in your child's room. A clutter-free space helps to reduce distractions and enhances focus while studying.

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