December 1, 2021


As we spent a lot more time in our homes, we had more time to ponder what we wanted and needed in our living spaces. As a result, more homeowners use their homes to express their individuality, and design has become more personal. Design trends are driven by culture and the way we live, and for the upcoming year, there are a few standouts to mention.

  1. Multifunctional Spaces - During the last few years, the home was suddenly transformed into the workplace, school, gym, and more. We realized that our spaces need to be more flexible. Single-use spaces and furniture are being reimagined. Fold-up beds can be tucked away to transform a bedroom into an instant office. In the same way, children’s beds can be elevated to a loft to create a space below to learn from home. Homes that can flex between daytime work and evening comfort are on the rise.
  2. Sustainability - The trend toward sustainability isn’t just about selecting products that have a minimal environmental impact. True sustainability is also finding new ways to reuse and repurpose materials and furnishings that would otherwise end up in the landfill.
  3. Colors that Define the Time - Black accents – from window frames and interior doors to black appliances, accent walls, and fixtures - are growing in popularity. White remains ever-popular but is trending toward warmer white and warm neutrals that feel less sterile. For paint, across the board, some variation of warm green is unanimously the color of the year. Various shades of green can be found everywhere, from walls and cabinets to furniture.
  4. Pattern, Texture, & Nature - Patterned wood and wood-look floors are back in a big way. Geometric inlay patterns, classic herringbone, and tonal patterns draw attention to an otherwise ignored floor. Highly textured furnishings like rattan, linen, and velvet are rising in popularity. There is also a movement toward using materials like wood, cork, sisal, bamboo, sea grass, and stone to help bring the feel of nature into interior spaces.
  5. 70s Retro - The 70s was an era of design defined by quirky wall-to-wall shag carpeting and an excess of knick-knacks, but it wasn’t without timeless elements. Retro lighting, earthy color schemes, textured wallpaper, and curvy comfortable furniture are having a modern design revival.

Despite the current interior design trends for 2022, one of the biggest takeaways from our extra time spent at home is that our home’s design should be personal. You are the one, after all, who will be living in your home. Trends come and go, but home should always feel warm and cozy. If you are looking for a new place to call home, or want to put your home on the market, we would be delighted to help. Give us a call today!

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