March 1, 2021



As we spent more time in our homes throughout 2020, people began to reimagine their spaces to meet our changing world's demands. With most adults working from home for the first time and children adjusting to learning in a new environment, the house served more purpose than ever before. The need to create warm, functional, and inviting spaces became a top priority for homeowners.


  • A Bright Hope - Embrace the language of color with the Pantone Color of the year - a vibrant yellow. People are looking toward the future with hope and optimism, and this color reflects that hope.
  • Multifunctional - Versatility in design has jumped to the top of the list of home trends. Multi-functional spaces, dual-purpose furniture, and livable luxury maximize the areas we use the most.
  • New Necessities - Having a space suited to your exact needs has risen in importance over the last year. The pandemic lockdown inspired homeowners to take on renovation projects that may have been long overdue. Basements became home offices, gyms, or even extra bedrooms. Homeowners also transformed underused spaces into usable study areas or small home offices.
  • All Natural - Natural materials and textures help a home feel cozy and inviting. The layering of old and new, earthy pallets, natural finishes, plaster, travertines, rattan, and stone elevates both home and spirit.
  • Earthy Hues - People are gravitating away from institutional grey and toward more cozy, earthy hues. Bright warm spaces, lighter-toned wood with accents of sage, olive, and burnt orange are popular.
  • The Outside In - Real plants and edible gardens bring nature into indoor spaces. Caring for them is grounding and life-affirming. In the Midwest's long grey winters, indoor plants benefit our mental health and help keep our indoor air clean and fresh.


Has the last year spent in your home highlighted your need for a more thought-out space? The experts at Mike Thomas Associates have been finding families their dream homes for over 40 years. Let us help you find the home that is right for you.

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