June 16, 2016


Northeast Indiana, and its 101 natural lakes, offers year-round beauty, charm, and adventure. With endless splendor and the tranquility of nature, it is a lifestyle steeped in relaxation with a deep appreciation for the natural world. If you have been waiting for the right time to purchase a lakefront property, with interest rates at historic lows and threats of rates increasing, market conditions are perfect. If you have never thought about buying a lake home, it is an investment worth considering. A home located on a lake is a great real estate investment.

A house on the lake is not just a home location, it is a remarkable lifestyle in a community you’ll love. At the lake there is never a shortage of fun. Lake living has its perks, with swimming, kayaking, sailing, fishing, and boating out your back door, finding a way to relax and unwind is easy.

The serene views of nature provide an instant source of relaxation after a long day’s work. A home on the lake is also usually more secluded than your typical neighborhood home. The mature trees surrounding the lake provide a natural “privacy fence” that shields you from roads and neighbors. The water also draws wildlife throughout the year including geese, ducks, deer and other animals.

When living on the lake, entertaining is easy. The location of your home will make it easy to host camping, cookouts, and parties where your guests can swim, fish, boat or just enjoy a relaxing evening around a bonfire. Another benefit of lake living is the tight-knit community that you will become part of. With the shared bond of the love for the outdoors, it is easy to get to know your neighbors.

Being on the water is not the only draw to the region. With picturesque Pokagon state park, fine lakefront dining, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, golfing, farmers markets, art galleries, and a fast-growing wine and brewery industry, there is something for everyone.

In Northeast Indiana, there is a lake to fit every desired lifestyle with many affordable housing options.

If you are just looking for a summer home or are hoping to permanently relocate to the area, we are here to help. Come explore why so many Hoosiers are choosing the 101 Lakes region for their home. Call me today for more information.

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