June 1, 2020


Life changes quickly, and we have to change with it. With over half of the US population changing homes every year, this year, the logistics of moving have grown a bit more complex. The Real Estate industry has been evolving to help make this process safe and comfortable. If you have been waiting for the right time to list your home, the market is perfect right now. Here are some common reasons why people decide to move to a new home.

  1. RELATIONSHIPS - Be close to the ones you love. Every year, people move to be closer to or further away from family. Maybe you're getting married, or have an aging parent or grandparent that needs support, or you want to relocate to be closer to adult children and grandchildren.

  2. UPGRADING - Need more space. When families experience growth, they tend to grow out of small spaces. Also, in today's culture where we are working from and spending more time at home than ever, sometimes people realize that they don't have room to do all that they need to do comfortably.

  3. CAREER - Shorten your drive time. Changing jobs may have people moving across town to be closer to work or even to an entirely different city or state. People are always looking to eliminate lengthy commutes or traveling through heavy traffic each day. Young people move to downtown areas to start careers, and seasoned professionals also move for career advancement.

  4. COST - Save Money. Relocating to an area of town where the cost of living is more affordable can help to offset a change in income. The overall lower cost of living in Northeast Indiana draws many people to this thriving region.

  5. LOCATION/ENVIRONMENT - Choose your lifestyle. Sometimes, people need a change to break up the monotony of daily life. People may move because their current home is in a less than ideal part of town. Communities that are close to parks, entertainment options, or in good school districts help persuade young adults and families to relocate. First time home buyers are also looking to invest in their futures.

  6. DOWNSIZING - Simplify your life. When children are young, people need more room. Once they have grown and moved out, many families choose to downsize to a smaller space. People in large homes may also decide to move because they realize that they didn't need all of the extra space and extra expense that comes with a larger home.

Mike Thomas Associates has helped generation after generation find their perfect home in Greater Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana. We help make your home buying and selling safe and straightforward. Don't miss your chance to buy your dream home and take advantage of the low mortgage rates. Let us help you transform this complex process into a smooth transition as we move together into the future.

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