June 3, 2019


We are taught to dream big. Some of us have had dreams of being an astronaut, living in a mansion, or being a princess living in a castle. As adults, we can still dream big, but we need to plan ahead to make those dreams a reality. Part of that future planning is living in our dream home.

While your dream home may be perfect conceptually, financially it could seem impossible. Here are some steps to put your dreams into action.

  • Work with a financial planner. Meet with a professional who can take a deep dive into your budgetand help you achieve your long-term goals. If you don’t have a financial planner, get in touch with us.

  • Save every month. Setting aside just a little bit of money each month adds up quickly. A penny saved is a penny earned.

  • Be aware of hidden costs. When buying or building a home, there are more costs than just the market price. A professional Realtor® can help you uncover and prepare for these unknown expenses.

  • Match your career to your dreams. Living in your dream home comes with costs. When career planning, or home planning, make sure your income will align with your financial desires.

The expert Realtors® at Mike Thomas Associates can help you take your vision from dreams to reality.

Dreams can be elusive because they lack definition. Defining your dreams can help you move one step closer to making it a reality.

  • Styles – When picturing your home explore all styles and floorplans.

  • Lakes/Water View – Do you enjoy recreational activities and seeing the sunset over the water?

  • Location – If you want to have some land, decide if living in the country is worth the extra travel to work. If not, perhaps you prefer to live in the heart of the city where most of your destinations are just a quick walk away.

  • Family’s dreams– Consider others when making this decision. Make sure your home is conducive to your families dreams and hobbies.

  • Relocation – You may have to move to a different part of the nation. For almost anyone changing homes, and especially true for anyone changing cities, there are always many questions. Mike Thomas Associates has been in business for over 40 years and our agents are experienced to ensure clients have a smooth transition.

  • Prioritize- When looking at these factors, you need to prioritize which items are most important and what preferences you can let go of if needed.

Discuss your plans with a professional. Come talk to us about your dreams. The process of finding or affording your dream home may seem challenging, but we can help you find ways to make it possible. The expert Realtors® at Mike Thomas Associates can help you take your vision from dreams to reality.

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