November 9, 2015


If you’re planning on putting your home up for sale at the beginning of spring, now is the time to address necessary repairs. In the end, these repairs can save you money and keep your house from sitting on the market. A well-maintained home gets better offers. Even if you get a buyer right away, there is the risk that they will ask for concessions and credits for items that you didn’t mend. Buyers will most likely hire an inspector to identify issues that need to be repaired. Any issues that you haven’t fixed will either have to be addressed before the sale or you’ll have to drop your asking price to compensate. Most common repairs are easy and inexpensive to solve and can be finished in a weekend. Once you take care of any issues, your home, and not its flaws will be the focus.

Getting a good return on investment depends on many factors. Each home is unique and a Realtor® assessment is recommended to determine which improvements will be best for your home. Winter is a great time to consider indoor home improvements. With the busiest part of construction season over, contractors are typically more available for quick renovation turn around.

It is a well documented fact that home buyers look first at kitchens and bathrooms. While renovations on these rooms are the most costly, they’re more likely to pay for themselves. Home buyers also tend to respond favorably to an open floor plan, the presence of a master suite, or a family room.

Remodeling can mean the difference between “for sale” and “sold.” Not every home can be remodeled to be an open floor plan, keep an eye on market trends to see what is working for others.

Today, one in five Americans are working from home, and that number is expected to increase by 63% in the next five years [1]. This means that the addition of a home office is more important than ever. Most people who own homes with formal living and dining rooms rarely use them. The inexpensive addition of doors to a rarely used room instantly transforms the space into a usable home office and has appeal to many home buyers. If you have an older home, it would be wise to set aside a portion of your remodeling budget for unexpected repairs that might be uncovered during the renovation process.

Let us help you get your home ready to sell by determining which improvements will give you the best return on your investment for your neighborhood. Contact us today for free advice on how to get your home prepared for sale.

[1] Telework Research Network

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