May 20, 2023



As Northeast Indiana continues to see an influx of new residents from neighboring states seeking a lower cost of living, the demand for housing continues to grow in all eleven counties. The latest estimate of the region's population is more than 800,000, a significant turnaround from the population decline that was the trend 30 years ago.

New residents coming to Northeast Indiana know that with our low cost of living, their paychecks will stretch further. Another regional appeal is the wide range of choices in where to live. Whether you prefer a small town, a lake home, or a city environment, there is something for everyone.

As we look to the future, multiple housing developments in the small towns throughout our region are needed to attract the workforce our businesses need. Mike Thomas Associates' sister company, Oakmont Development, has provided homeowners with beneficial investment opportunities and creates communities that are inviting, safe, and affordable, situated in desirable locations.

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