July 1, 2024


Northeast Indiana is a place where vibrant cities meet sparkling lakes and serene countryside – where opportunities abound, and the spirit of community is found. 

Fort Wayne, the region’s largest city, boasts a thriving economy, excellent local schools, and a rich cultural scene. Often highlighted as one of the best places to live in the U.S., Fort Wayne has an incredibly affordable cost of living and countless amenities.

Northeast Indiana's smaller towns, like Auburn and Angola, offer unique charm; Auburn is known for its automotive heritage and picturesque downtown. Angola, home to Trine University, features stunning lakes and parks.

Welcome to Community

The American Midwest, especially Northeast Indiana, has a strong sense of community. From local farmer's markets to cultural festivals and neighborhood events, the friendly and welcoming atmosphere is palpable. The region offers diverse job opportunities, competitive wages, and a strategic location between Chicago, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. 

The Seasonal Experience

Northeast Indiana offers a complete seasonal experience - when you live here, you get to enjoy the beauty and variety of true summer, fall, winter, and spring seasons and actually look forward to the sense of magic each change in season brings.

Do you have friends or family that are considering a move? 

The relocation experts of Mike Thomas Associates are here to help them find the perfect home and discover a region that is loved for its high quality of life, strong economy, and welcoming community.

*Drone photo by Mollie Shutt - BFA Commercial Downtown Skyline

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