May 1, 2020



This moment in time is a great opportunity for us to return to a simpler life and assess what is truly important for the future. Many people are turning back to the ancestral roots of food production, the home garden. Interest in growing food has skyrocketed and people are searching for a way to find nutritional security and freedom.

During the first world war, Americans organized to grow and store their own food. These family gardens were given the moniker "Victory Gardens" in a show of solidarity and hope for the future. Today we can find that hope and unity once again in the planting and growing of our own food.

One of the advantages of real estate in Northeast Indiana is our region's ability to grow fantastic gardens. Our climate and flat land make it easy to produce an abundance of nutritious food just outside our back doors. If you are one of those with this newfound interest or looking to start gardening for the first time, here are a few ways you can incorporate a home garden into your current home landscape.

  • Containers - No matter how large or small your home, it is easy to grow herbs or compact tomato and pepper plants in pots on your porch in a sunny location.
  • Traditional - If you are wanting to start a traditional garden or raised garden beds, the placement and health of the soil are key. Make sure your garden will receive plenty of sunlight throughout the day and till in lots of organic materials like peat moss and composted manure to give your plants a healthy start.
  • Size - Starting small is always safest. You can expand on your garden in the future based on your needs and the lessons you have learned.
  • Fruit and Nut Trees - Planting fruit or nut trees is a great investment in the future. It ensures a harvest every year that only gets better over time.
  • Edible Perennials - Fruiting bushes like raspberries, blackberries or blueberries, or reliable edible perennials like asparagus or rhubarb guarantee a great return on your initial gardening investment.
  • Climate - Be careful to consider varieties that thrive in the Northeast Indiana climate. The county extension office in your area has excellent advice on which varieties of plants do well in the place that you live.

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."
-Audrey Hepburn

If you are looking to relocate to a home with more outdoor space, or move to the country to begin planting for the future give us a call. We have expert knowledge of real estate throughout Northeast Indiana and are here to help you.

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