May 28, 2021


Many homeowners are spending more time at home and are looking to pamper themselves with a spa-like retreat. Motivated by upscale hotels and resorts, homeowners transform their builder-grade master baths into an inspired and relaxing space to unwind at the end of the day.

  • Simple Larger Showers – The majority of homeowners prefer clean-lined walk-in showers with a built-in or portable bench. Smart-home plumbing fixtures with multiple faucets help customize the shower experience with specific temperatures, water pressures, and steam features.
  • Freestanding Sculptural Tubs – Homeowners who have the space prefer a modern freestanding sculptural tub. Many newer models of bathtubs are artistically designed to be a bathroom showstopper.
  • Separate Vanities – In every room of the home, storage is an important feature, and bathrooms are no exception. Having clutter-free counters and enough room for your bathroom necessities keeps your home feeling like a relaxing retreat.
  • Better Lighting – Bright natural light is best, but you can't always have natural light in your bathrooms. For the best artificial light, warm, bright light with multiple layers can make a room feel less closed-in. Light dimmers help to create the exact lighting needed for each experience.
  • Smart Toilets & Bidets – Toilets have come a long way over the last few years. The latest technology is available in some toilets that offer features like a built-in bidet, heated seat and water, water conservation, bowl cleaning after each use, and auto-open/close of lid.
  • Technology – Smart-technology featured in the bathroom doesn't stop at the plumbing and lighting. Touchless faucets, heated bathroom floors, highly efficient ventilation systems, built-in speakers, and even bathroom televisions have become increasingly popular.
  • Nature – Spas take advantage of the soothing peace that nature-inspired environments create with natural textures and colors. Bringing live plants into your bathroom space or even using a botanical print wallpaper that can withstand a moist environment help to bring the outside in to your new spa bathroom.


Homeowners should carefully choose updates that are practical and add value to help get a return on their investment. Most homeowners choose lower-maintenance materials with modern, sophisticated technology that still maintain the aesthetics found elsewhere in their homes. Costs can add up, but for an at-home retreat available any time, most homeowners feel like the remodel is worth the price.

The professional Realtors® of Mike Thomas Associates have insight into which features are worth the cost of investment in a bathroom remodel. To speak with a Realtor®, give us a call today! 

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