July 2, 2018



In Northeast Indiana this year, homes for sale are a hot commodity. There is a shortage of available homes and it has created a great seller’s market. A seller’s market is a fantastic time to sell, with fewer days on market and the possibility of multiple offers which could drive up the sale price.


If you have been on the fence about selling your home this year, it is a good idea to take advantage of the increase in home-buying competition. Home owners in hot communities like ours have received extremely quick offers. Summer is also the perfect time for a home transition for home-buyers with children, since everyone is home for summer break.


Getting a house ready to enter the marketplace can seem like an intimidating process. It is essential to take a look at your home from the perspective of the buyer. Cleaning your home from top to bottom is a must. After that, you should consider depersonalizing and decluttering to give your home a space that buyers could imagine themselves in. Don’t forget about exteriors, first impressions do count in the long run and buyers make quick decisions based on online photographs.

The real estate professionals at Mike Thomas Associates Realtors® can help you understand what it takes to get your home prepped and ready to sell this summer. We have the tricks of the trade and can help you avoid the mistake of burning time and money on repairs and updates that may not be necessary. We are experts at helping you put forward the best first impression on your home for online listings with professional photography. Whether you are downsizing or moving to a larger home, we can assist you with your next home search. We have the knowledge and experience to help you get exactly what you are looking for in Northeast Indiana. We understand the value of homeownership and would love to assist you in all of your real estate needs. Call us today to get started moving toward the future.

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