November 1, 2017


Owning a home provides a number of benefits including improved quality of life and enhanced potential for future financial stability. Homeownership is a significant milestone in a person’s life. Despite it being an intimidating process, the number of homeowners continues to grow each year with the help of experienced real estate professionals.


When you own your own home, you’re the boss. There is safety and security in knowing that a landlord won’t be selling your rental out from underneath you. You also have the freedom to create a comfortable world within your walls, filled with the colors and textures that feel like home to you. When you make improvements to the property you own, you reap the financial benefit. This encourages homeowners to take pride in ownership and carefully maintain their homes.


When you are paying down a mortgage loan, you are building equity with every payment rather than throwing money away on rent. You are also able to deduct most or all interest payments made on home loans and property taxes among other deductions. In the end, the long term wealth of homeowners is considerably higher than those who choose to rent. Due to inflation, both rent and home prices eventually begin to rise, thus increasing the homeowner’s average net worth. Years down the road, homeowners who have paid off their mortgages will be able to live a “rent-free” retirement.

When you invest in your future through homeownership, you’re making a smart move. Homeownership is a rewarding experience that helps to build your family and your future. We understand the value that owning a home can bring to your life.

At Mike Thomas Associates we love helping people find the perfect home to suit their needs.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a traditional house, condo, villa, lake house, or land in the country, we have over 40 years of experience helping to connect buyers and sellers all across Northeast Indiana. Call today and let us help you get connected.

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