May 1, 2015


Home inventory is low which makes it a seller’s market. Interest rates are also very low. Now is a great time to list your home for sale.

SELLER TIPS: Price it right and then condition, condition, condition. Make sure the home is in top condition.

BUYER TIPS: Have a financial plan in place or be pre-approved because you will need to be prepared to act quickly due to the time the home is on the market.


When getting your home ready to put on the market, consider a number of home improvement tips that can increase your home’s appeal and value.

  1. Create Open Space – When people first walk into a home that they are thinking of purchasing, the first impression is critical. Keep your space open to welcome the potential buyer.
  2. Give Your Landscape Attention – When your bushes and trees are unkept, a potential buyer may have a negative first impression. Neat, tidy landscaping can positively impact your selling price.
  3. Let Your Light Shine – Lighting is critical. Lighting creates a mood. Carefully balanced bright lights, open curtains and even smart dimmer switches can shed light on every room in your home.
  4. Maintain, Maintain, Maintain – Make certain that all the small home fix ups are taken care of such as plumbing repairs, holes in walls, a broken switch, garbage disposal, and any scrapes and dings.
  5. Go With Energy Efficiency – If your heating or air conditioning systems are old and need replaced, many new systems as well as appliances are often 30 to 40% more efficient.
  6. Front Door Appeal – Remember that your front door makes a powerful impact. Research indicates that many buyers make up their minds in the first seven seconds of entering a house.
  7. Easy Bathroom Refresh – Does your bathroom look clean and fresh? Replace caulk if it looks worn. Buy a new toilet seat. Add fresh towels. Make sure the bathroom sparkles. Clear all personal bathroom supplies. Keep counters clutter free.
  8. Flooring Talks – A high percentage of real estate professionals recommend spending some money on floor refreshing to assure that yours are clean prior to selling your home.
  9. Simple Neutral Wall Colors – When selling your home, make your home less personal. Remove your own personal preferences including wall color so that the buyer can imagine what color he or she would like to paint the home. Neutral colors can make a room appear larger.
  10. Remove Any Question Marks from Your House – Is there anything about your home that are blatant negatives? Is there a hole in the basement or garage floor that needs repaired? Fix these to make a positive impression and to sell your home for its highest value.


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