July 1, 2015


Mike Thomas Associates Realtors® are full time professionals and understand all the variables in determining the right home for you.

A few areas we help home owners through:

  • Price: We work with you in conjunction with your financial advisor to determine what you can afford for your long term financial planning.
  • Location: Consider where you work, location of schools for your own children or for resale of the home and proximity of parks and shopping.
  • Style: We all have our own style. We educate you on different architectural and interior design styles to determine your preferences.
  • Home Layout / Square Footage: There are an assortment of different home floor plans and we assist in helping you determine what to look for and how large of a space you need.
  • Lot Size: Are you considering moving to a place to have more room for privacy or would you prefer less land to maintain?
  • Investment: What locations will have a better increase in value? What features are important to consider when buying a property?
  • New or existing home? We help buyers determine the pros and cons and what to look out for in any real estate purchase.

We can help homebuyers sift through all the varying factors to make decisions about priorities and budget.

Buyers in most cases do not pay any Realtor® fees!
Realtors® handle all the detail work and negotiations from start to finish. The seller usually owes the commission, which is based on home’s selling price and is negotiable. The commission is generally split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent.

Full time Professionals:
We are experienced full-time, full-service Realtors® and understand the local market, its unique characteristics, trends and provide you with effective guidance throughout the home buying process. We address inspections, title work, surveys, reports, and a myriad of other details involved with purchasing a home for your security and investment protection. Buying a home is one of the most significant investments you will ever make.

We create a bidding strategy and determine the best price to offer based on history, market analysis and current conditions to assure you (the buyer) gets the best price!

It would be a privilege to help you find a home. Call us today.

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