January 28, 2020


Home buyers and sellers willing to go against the grain and consider a winter move could come out on top. If you are moving in-state or across the country, braving the cold this winter can have quite a few advantages.


One great benefit of searching for an existing home in the winter, that you would never have a chance to see during peak home buying season, is how a home operates in harsh winter weather. The winters in Northeast Indiana are the toughest seasons we see. The cold, moisture, and wind will test the home's ability to stay warm and comfortable. Do you feel cold while walking through the house? Are the windows drafty? Is the heating system functioning properly? This valuable information would be unavailable in warmer months and could help during negotiations.

Winter home buying and selling exposes
a home's true energy efficiency and its ability to keep
you warm during freezing temperatures.


The spring real estate market is often the busiest period of home buying activity during the calendar year. Buying a home in the "off season" can give you the upper hand when it comes to bidding. Although the real estate market is very hot in Northeast Indiana, the winter does still tend to cool off. Fewer people competing for potential homes could give you stronger buying power. Sellers may be more willing to negotiate, whether it is on selling price, closing costs, closing date, or even terms of the sale. For the investor looking to find a good deal in this competitive housing market, winter can be the right time.


With the power of the internet that has no seasons, serious home buyers hunting for the perfect home never really stop searching. With fewer properties for sale in the winter months, demand could be higher with buyers willing to pay more for your home. Your real estate agent will also most likely have more time to devote to your listing, which could result in a quicker sale for you. Winter gives you a chance to show just how warm and inviting your home can be. During showings, be sure to have your thermostat turned up and fireplace lit to highlight the welcoming features of your cozy home.


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